Maddy Anderson engages in an investigational and cross-disciplinary practice, developing a transformative dialogue utilising forms and objects that negotiate the pathways between the unconscious levels of the psyche and the exterior influential dynamics of playfulness. Anderson considers the role of externalisation in the explanatory process of unmediated thought and phraseology. Exploring the phenomenology of dream-thought, and the essence of play as a means of wish-fulfilment and enacting preconscious phantasy. Her current practice resembles the preliminary stages of research into children’s need for play as a technique for externalising their inner realities, and as a means of problem solving. These modes of investigation are to be merged by utilising paradigms that circumnavigate the unconscious mind and the uncanny.



2013-15   Bachelor of Fine Arts, MADA, Monash University Caulfield

2014 -      Bachelor of Fine Arts, Monash Prato Program Abroad, Italy

2016    -   Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours)


2017        Certificate in Education Support, Monash University Peninsula


2018        Master of Fine Art, Monash University (ongoing)

Selected Solo | Duo Exhibitions


2018  12:21, Gaffa, Sydney, NSW  [with Darcy Stephanie Smith]

2017  'Colloquial Disquisition', Capsule, The Dirty Dozen, Campbell Arcade  [solo]

2017  'Peak Hour Performance - Colloquial Disquisition', Capsule  [with Terri Dawn Smith]

2016  ‘Ruptured Equilibrium’, SEVENTH Gallery, Fitzroy, Vic               

2016  ‘Rudimentary Tensions’, BA(t)CH Gallery, Monash Caulfield

2015  'Words are Grey’, Under the Stairs, Monash Caulfield, Vic

2015  ‘Through the eye of a needle’, Brunswick Street Gallery  [with Steve Marks]

2015  ‘B E L C O’, Fawn Gallery, Collingwood, Vic  [with Jacqueline Rossetti]

2015  ‘Bel composto’, Runt Gallery, Monash Caulfield  [with Jacqueline Rossetti]

2015  ‘Love Yourself’, HELL MELBOURNE ARTSPACE, Melbourne


Selected Group Exhibitions


2017  'The New Gymnosophy', Naked State Residency Exhibition, Ontario, Canada

2017  'Choir of the Impossible', PlayReactive, 402 Chapel Street, Melbourne

2017  'Receptacle', Junior Space, Fitzroy, [Amalia Lindo & Max Boland]

2017  'Tree-fi', Alternating Current Artspace, Windsor [Giulia di Sipio & Jacqui Rossetti]

2016  'Oneiricludere'MADA NOW 2016, Graduate Exhibition, Monash Caulfield

2016  'Windows XII, The Dirty Dozen, Campbell Arcade, Melbourne

2016  'The Collector’, The Capsule, The Dirty Dozen, Creative Spaces, Melbourne

2016  'The Hallway Cat’, Honours Fundraiser Show, Monash Caulfield

2016  'Halfway Honoured', BA(t)CH Gallery, Monash Caulfield

2015  ‘Introspective Paradigms’, MADA NOW 2015, Graduate Exhibition

2015  ‘Printmaking’, Brunswick Street Gallery, Fitzroy, Vic  [Giulia di Sipio]

2015  ‘Runt Attack’, Monash Open Day, Co-Curated with Laetitia Olivier-Gargano

2015  ‘Play with Colour’, Link Wall, Monash Caulfield, Co-Curated

2015  ‘Colour Box Studio’s Membership Launch’, Melbourne, Vic

2015  ‘!@^//&*#?/*’, The Internet is a Cultural Object, Miriam Arbus, BSG, Vic

2015  ‘The Group Show’, curated by Kabir Singh, Runt Link Gallery, Monash Caulfield

2015  ‘Oceanic Boarders’, Mornington Rotary Art show, Mornington

2014  ‘Derivare’, curated by Stephen Garrett, Monash Centre, Palazzo Vaj, Prato, Italy

2016  'Water Rainbows’, C / O (CareOf) Liberty Building, Milan, Italy

2014  ‘Abbitor Dreams’, Men per Ex lati, Brunswick Street Gallery

2013  ‘Jungai’, curated by Peta Clancy, Runt Link Gallery, Monash Caulfield, Vic

2012  ‘She nor sea’, Mornington Peninsula Art Show, Rosebud

2011  ‘Ariel, my sister’, Mornington Peninsula Art Show, Rosebud

2010  'People make places', Matchbox Projects, Vitrine, Platform, Melbourne



           Private Collection, Toronto, Canada

           BSG Gallery Director, Fitzroy, Victoria 

           Private Collection, Rosebud, Victoria

           Private Collection, St. Kilda, Victoria

           Private Collection, Red Hilll, Victoria

           Private Collection, Mount Eliza, Victoria

           Private Collection, Osterby, Germany

Professional Practice

2019   SEVENTH Gallery Exhibition Liaison and Curatorial Mentor

2019   Visual Art and Design Technical Officer at a Private School

2019   Art Blitz 2019 Panel Judge, Kingston Arts, Moorabbin 

2019   SEVENTH Gallery Fundraiser Installation & Technical Support

2018   SEVENTH Gallery restructure and subsidy of Gallery fees

2018   [Forthcoming] VOLUMN Projects, Mobile Gallery Space, Founder and Director

2018   [Forthcoming] 'EIGHTH' Volunteers Project Space, Facilitator, SEVENTH Gallery

2017   Gallery Manager, SEVENTH Gallery, Interim for June/July

2017   Interim Media Strategist, SEVENTH Gallery, June

2017   SEVENTH Gallery Board Member, Volunteer Coordinator (2 years)

2017   Connections @ Seventh, Exhibition Liaison, SEVENTH Gallery

2017   Naturalist Badge, Cub Scout Casting Workshops, with Laetitia Olivier-Gargano

2017   Fitzroy Art Spaces Tour (FAST) Education Initiative, ARI-Discussion Host

2016-17 The Art Factory Children’s Workshops

2016   Phantasmic Specimens & Entomology, Cub Scout Art Workshops

2016   MADA NOW Graduate Exhibition Install & Invigilation

2016   SEVENTH Gallery Install/Deinstall & Invigilation 

2015-16 ACCA  Reception FOH Volunteer

2015   Australian Centre of Contemporary Art (Mega Quiz)

2015   CAVES Gallery Volunteer & Bar Staff

2015   MADA NOW Graduate Exhibition Install & Invigilation

2015   Monash Open Day Glass-Blowing Demos

2015   Runt Link Student Run Gallery – Committee Chair

2015   Facilitation of Student Gallery Open Day events at Monash

2015   Fawn Gallery Install & Invigilation

2015   Art Red Hill Mentoring Program

2014   Runt Link Student Run Gallery – Committee Member



2017   Naked State Naturalist Residency, Arts Unfold, Bare Oaks, Ontario, Canada

2017   Salmon Manor Residency Program, Malvern East, Vic

2016   Capsule, Working Studio Residency, Dirty Dozen, Creative Spaces

2014   Prato, Italy

2014   C/O [taking care of], Liberty Building, Milan, Italy

                [Short Term Studio Residency with Prato Program]

2014   KCM House, Two-Week Residency, Self-Initiated, KCM, Toyko, Japan

2014   Monash Abroad Travel Grant

2013-15  Monash University Scholarship Bursary

2013-15  Board of Examiners Commendation for Academic Excellence




Laura Couttie, Ruptured Equilibrium, Seventh Gallery Catalogue Essay, 2016

Lizzie Boon, Rudimentary Tensions, BA(t)CH Gallery, Exhibition Review, 2016




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2016   Ruptured Equilibrium, SEVENTH Gallery, September, 2016

2016   Campaign Media Release, 28th September 2016

2016   MADA NOW 2016 Graduate Exhibition

2016   Ruptured Equilibrium, Wreck Yo'Self, Melbourne Arts Club

2016   Windows XII, The Dirty Dozen, Creative Spaces

2016   Documentor, Resisting Equilibrium, BA(T)CH Gallery

2016   MADA 2016, Graduate Exhibition (HONS), Flickr

2015   Caves Gallery "Thank You"

2015   MADA NOW 2015 Graduate Exhibition

2015   Milkbar Magazine, The Internet is a Cultural Object

2015   MADA 2015, Graduate Exhibition, Flickr

2014   Abattoir Dreams, Undercoat, Men per Ex lati: Experimental

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