Drawing/Doodle of interstellar rings *****

15th July 2018


- Plain Pine laser cut animals + Fruit & Vege

- Water Bead Sensory Blocks

- Cast 'Build & Play' Drill set in metal

- Fridge Magnets (sexy letters)

- Rainbow Sorting

- Laser? Hand? Wooden Pull-along Duck (LEGO's First toy...


- Sensory Blocks (Play School Windows)

  (mirror, sand, beads, etc)

- Naughts & crosses (puzzles)

- Hack a bosch Drill set (for older kids) - have working bit/attachments

(put screws into wood 'pre-drilled')

- Look into Buying Vending Machine again..

- DIY Construction Fort (compatible with bamboo and flex sticks)

sand video?

Looking back for looking forward: Archival Dig

Words are grey, 2015 - Old works becoming relevant

Am I a timeline of sorts?

Lets begin for July 2018  Quintilis

READING LIST / Bibliography:



Education / Play:

Fernand Deligny, the Arachnean,

Language / Lexicon:

Practical / Material:

Mechanism / Machine:


25th july 2018

Revised 'abstract?' & key words

The research that I am undertaking for this project is notably ‘play-fuelled’ with a significant focus on the making process, allowing certain material sensibilities and experimentations to surface through object-driven forms, mechanisms and an inclination towards ‘the machine’. Although this research investigates certain play-pedagogies and the symbolic functions of play utilising child-like practices; such as observational learning and expressional emulation, there is a particular focus on the process endured. Aiming to be perceived non-hierarchically with as much significance to lend to any final outcomes. With this interplay of methodologies I have found that exploring their respective language systems (or non-language) becomes a useful tool to establishing the rules or even Lexicon that have been prescribed to the foundational components of this research.


Key Words:





Maddy Anderson

Drawing for Urban Signal Projects

Photo of new set up shelf bits


Printed Objects

plus video?

Playground Interventions

(Climbing Rocks)

Photo of plans -- evolution of climbing rocks?

-- Bronze, pinkysil, glass.... 

----++glass drawing with bendy dude crane thing

Friendly plastic and Copper interventions

(24th July 2018)

Reflections from Words are grey (works are grey?)

Hypocrite poem

mini cone poem

26th July:

Posted about VOLUMN

28th July Squish video

31st of July 2018 ~ Studio plays and reconfigures. Meeting with Leslie. Document the studio unveilings. 

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