Salome & Elijah, Written Composition, 2016

The flags were stagnant.

            Longing to dance.


I was aching to aid them,

                                                A premise not within my power.


          For I was just a child, feeble in my meanderings.

                           Coveting for something so graciously unattainable.


Reluctant to fail, turning to a strange man for help.

Bearded. Unenthused.                                  He declined.

            Informing passers-by, that she was already dancing.


A pink slime.

                        adorned her face.

Oozing from pores.

                                                She only danced in company.

          Never just for me.


                                                Speaking a dialect none comprehendible.

          A methodology of distinctive features.

The melody of her tongue,

     Lost in translation.



She was already dancing.

© 2019 Maddy Anderson