Maddy Anderson engages in an investigational and cross-disciplinary practice, with a particular focus on creating dynamic interactive sculptural objects and utilising materials such as silicon, resin and concrete in an unconventional manner. Her practice engages in a playful and explorative discourse regarding how people respond to their surroundings, and in doing this she also enters into an exploration of her own thought conceptions and processes.

Maddy Anderson Artist art Visual Art Fine Art Maddy Anderson Sculpture. Maddy Anderson. Maddy Anderson. Maddison Anderson. Maddison Grace. Maddy Grace. Artist. Art. Sculpture Art. Multimedia. Maddy Anderson Installation Art. maddy anderson artist. maddy anderson art. Maddison Anderson. Monash Fine Arts. MADA. Maddy Anderson. maddy anderson fine arts monash. Fine Arts Honours. Monash Fine Arts. 2016. 2017. 2015. 2014. 2013. Maddy AndersonMaddy Anderson engages in an investigational and cross-disciplinary practice, developing a transformative dialogue utilising forms and objects that negotiate the pathways between the unconscious levels of the psyche and the exterior influential dynamics of playfulness. Anderson considers the role of externalisation in the explanatory process of unmediated thought and phraseology. Exploring the phenomenology of dream-thought, and the essence of play as a means of wish-fulfilment and enacting preconscious phantasy. Her current practice resembles the preliminary stages of research into children’s need for play as a technique for externalising their inner realities, and as a means of problem solving. These modes of investigation are to be merged by utilising paradigms that circumnavigate the unconscious mind and the uncanny. @madzgrace

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